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5 Choices of Gynecomastia Treatment

5 Choices of Gynecomastia Treatment

5 Choices of Gynecomastia Treatment

Men with boobs may sound impossible and funny, but the condition does exist for some people because of certain factors. The main factors are because of the testosterone hormone is decreasing while the estrogen hormone is increasing. Finding the right treatment to reduce the men boobs can be daunting, however, below are the 5 choices of gynecomastia treatment that you can try.

Dietary plan

What you eat will definitely affect the body health. That is why following healthy dietary plans will also result in gynecomastia development. Consuming foods which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and zinc can increase the testosterone production. In addition, it is also important to cut back unhealthy fat consumption because the breast is mostly made of lipids. If you are already experiencing the breast development, it is better to choose low fat diet, so that the body can burn the excess calories and fats. Healthy diet plans can also help speeding up the converting process of the excess fat if you decide to use pills of cream treatments.


Regular and proper exercise can help tighten the loose breast muscle. There are certain exercises which are specifically designed to build the muscles on the arms, breast, and also lose man boobs. You can try to push up to tighten the upper chest muscles, incline press using dumbbells to lifted the muscle chest and make it less saggy, and much more. You can consult first with a professional trainer to find out the specific exercise based on your condition.

Topical treatment

Men who suffer from breast enlargement usually try topical treatment before decide to try any other treatments. Topical treatments include gels, serum, or creams and it is likely the most logical choice which can be obtained easily inexpensive price. If you still do not want to have surgery, non-invasive treatment can be the great option as it is indeed lest expensive than surgery.

  • Pros – Topical treatment is very easy to use; you just need to apply in gels or cream form. You do not even need assistance or further equipment to apply it. In addition to the ease of use, topical treatment is widely available in nearest pharmacies and also online. You can purchase the topical treatment for gynecomastia creams or gels in any local drugstore. But if you think it is embarrassing to purchase directly, you can always purchase it online.
  • Cons – when you choose topical treatment; it is important to note that the effects of the treatment are not instant and sometimes also not quite impressive. Some products may claim to give brilliant result after few weeks of usage, but only a few that actually live up to the customer's expectation. This is usually because of some ingredients on the skin is not fully absorbed onto the skin.


Surgery to reduce the breast size may be the most sensible treatment choice, however, it can be too risky as well as expensive for some people especially who has other health conditions. In most cases, it is better to find other alternatives first before finally choosing the invasive treatment. But if your gynecomastia condition has been under other treatments for a year and still no sign of improvement; it can be the chronic type and surgery can be the best way to remove the glandular breast tissue. In addition, surgery is also the right choice if you want to remove the man boobs as soon as possible.


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Just as there are many topical products for reducing man boobs, there are also ample of product choices of breast reduction medication. Compared to topical treatment, gynecomastia medication offers better results because the ingredients are consumed and processed in the body. You can consult with the doctor first before choosing to consume certain medication for breast reduction.

5 Main Causes of Gynecomastia

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5 Main Causes of Gynecomastia

Even if it embarrassing, some men indeed experience breast enlargement which is known as Gynecomastia. There are numbers of treatment available for the condition such as medication, home remedies, topical treatment, and even surgery. But, before choosing the right treatment; it is important to figure out the main cause of Gynecomastia.

Natural hormone changes

Natural hormone changes

The development and also maintenance of sex characteristic for women and men is controlled by testosterone and estrogen hormones. The testosterone hormones in charge of male traits development such as body hair and muscle mass. While the estrogen hormone controls the female traits such as breast development.

Most of us may think that estrogen-only exclusively available in women; in fact, men also produce the estrogen hormone even though in a small amount. If the estrogen production in men is too high or more than the normal amount it causes hormones imbalance which leads to gynecomastia.

Basically, gynecomastia can affect three different age levels.

  • In infants – for more than half male infants are actually born with the enlarged breast because of the estrogen effect from the mother. This swollen breast condition can naturally go away in 2 or 3 weeks after birth.
  • During puberty – hormone changes because of puberty can be considered as a common condition. The breast development during puberty usually can go away with six months or two years of treatment.
  • In adult – the most common issues of gynecomastia happen in adults age 50 to 80. During the age span, almost 1 out of 4 men in the age group is affected. This can be caused by the reduction of testosterone hormone.

Medications side effects

medications side effects

Medication side effects can also be the main cause of breast development in men. According to study, for about 10 to 25 percent cases of Gynecomastia are associated with medications use. The common medications that potentially trigger breast enlargement in men are:

  • Calcium blocker medication to treat heart condition can also trigger gynecomastia.
  • AIDS medications – men with HIV-positive who receive regimen treatment which is called HAART or highly active antiretroviral therapy and Evafirenz are associated with gynecomastia compared to other medications.
  • Anti-anxiety medications are also associated with the breast enlargement. This also includes street drugs and alcohol usages such as amphetamines, heroin, methadone, marijuana, and the like.
  • Certain shampoos, shower gels, soaps, and lotions which contain tea tree, lavender, or other plant oils as well as herbs can also responsible for the development of main boobs. You may want to consider replacing the body care products.
  • Anabolic steroids – prolonged or regular use of steroids for numbers of reasons such as body building can inhibit the testosterone production which then leads to breast enlargement.

Other health conditions


5 main causes of gynecomastia

Certain health conditions can also cause Gynecomastia because it affects the balance of the hormones. The conditions include:

  • Hypogonadism – conditions which interfere the production of normal testosterone can lead to gynecomastia.
  • Kidney failure – for almost half of people who receive regular hemodialysis also experience breast enlargement because of the hormonal changes.
  • Tumors – certain kinds of tumors such as adrenal glands, testes, or pituitary gland can produce the hormone which actually alters the balance of male-female hormone.
  • Starvation and malnutrition – when your body does not receive the adequate amount of nutrients, the testosterone levels will drop while the estrogen level will remain in the same amount. This condition leads to a hormonal imbalance in which the estrogen is higher than the testosterone that cause gynecomastia.


Other health conditions

Especially for overweight men, hormone changing may occur on normal aging condition which also causes breast enlargement. The age increasing is inversely proportional to the declining production of testosterone. Such condition can cause breast tissue enlargement.

Hormone-infused poultry

Hormone infused poultry

These days most of us cannot separate from poultry products. The fact is many poultry products including chicken and eggs contain numbers of hormones. Too much consumption of these products can lead to breast enlargement in both men and women. The development can even lead to cancer as well.

Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia surgery

5 Things to Consider before deciding Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia is a health condition which is the development of the male breast. The condition affects over third of the world's male population. While the condition may not life-threatening, but there are problems that are triggered by gynecomastia including humiliation and embarrassment. There are main factors that trigger gynecomastia but the most common causes are the hormonal imbalance between testosterone and estrogen in the body. Getting diagnosed with male breast development may be a big deal for some people while some others may still conduct a normal life.

Fortunately, those who suffer from gynecomastia have wide options of treatment ranging from topical and medical treatment to surgery. If you are going to have surgery to remove the men boobs, below are the 5 things to consider before going on the procedure.

  1. Post operation risk

Since gynecomastia surgery is also similar to other surgeries; there is always the risk of infection and post-operative pain. The surgery is a major procedure which involves flesh cutting and anesthetic. It is important to have a consultation with your doctor first before deciding to have gynecomastia surgery especially if you have other heath conditions. Speaking of the post-operation risk of infection, it can even lead to more serious complications. Therefore, gynecomastia surgery patients should stay under a clean environment after the procedure to prevent any possible infection. Another post operation risk is a significant pain after the procedure completion. Your doctors may prescribe certain painkillers to take for some periods of time.

  1. Scarring

Every surgery will result in scarring and gynecomastia is no exception. For women who have breast reduction procedures, the scars are located under the breast fold and will only visible if the boobs are pulled up. While for men, there is no way to hide the surgery scars in the breast. Having the scars on the breast area may affect your appearance if you want to have a shirt off. However, if the surgery perfectly goes according to the procedure; the scars can be minimized. In addition, as time goes by for the recovery, the scar will also nicely fade and become less apparent. It is also important to note that the scar length depends on the severity of the gynecomastia.

  1. Cost consideration

The surgery cost may be the biggest obstacle for most people. Similar to breast augmentation surgery for women, gynecomastia surgery is considered elective surgery. This means that health insurance will not cover the expense. The rough estimation for gynecomastia surgery varies from $4500 to $6800, but the actual price depends on the surgeon and can be varied from one clinic to another. Besides the surgery costs, you also need to pay for post-operative care such as antibacterial and also pain medication.

It is important to compare one surgeon/clinic and another to find the most affordable but quality surgical practice. The main reason why gynecomastia surgery is expensive is because of the equipment and the staff required for the surgery. As it is considered as major surgery; the anesthesia is also paid separately.

  1. Recovery time

Gynecomastia procedure indeed involves in cutting the flesh which is very potential for infection. Following the surgeon guide for care is very important to conduct healthy recovery. For the first few days after the procedure, the significant pain will still occur but after 3-5 weeks; it will completely heal.

  1. The procedure

The liposuction technology is getting more and more sophisticated and it can also be used to remove man boobs. If you choose breast liposuction, you will need local anesthesia and the doctor will remove the glandular tissue or excess fat. The recovery from liposuction is also quite quick; patients can be sent home after the surgery with cushion and compression garment on the chest area and can even return back to work after three days.